Unique and Special

The Convent at Koroit stands as a cherished symbol of Australia's diverse and rich history, embodying the essence of modern heritage.

Outstanding religious architecture with its original stain glass windows throughout make this a remarkable and disability accessible attraction for guests.

With its elegant architecture and timeless beauty, we welcome guests to stay in our comfortable accommodation, inviting you to step into a world where tradition meets contemporary grace.

Accommodation, Wedding and Events

The Convent at Koroit is a remarkable modern heritage venue available for accommodation, weddings, and venue hire.

Our inviting space beautifully fuses timeless architecture with a contemporary touch, making it an excellent choice for your special day or event.

Immerse yourself in the historical charm while considering the Convent at Koroit for your accommodation, wedding, or venue hire needs.

A Strong History

As a testament to what we are today, the Convent at Koroit holds the stories of generations past.

Come and stay with us and discover the secrets of the Convent for yourself.

The Many Faces of Nuns

Embark on a fascinating journey through the 'Gallery of Nuns' within our cherished historical religious Convent.

The Convent at Koroit provides a captivating exploration of nuns hailing from diverse corners of the world, reflecting their unique cultures and traditions.

Uncover the rich tapestry of nunhood as we showcase a growing collection of images, art, and historical accounts from various countries, adorning the walls and pages within this once-sacred space.

Immerse yourself in the global legacy of nuns throughout history as you navigate our growing library, delving into their remarkable stories and experiences.